Available now on Playstation 5, Playstation 4, and Steam

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Goodbye Volcano High about?

Goodbye Volcano High is a story about love, friendship, personal growth, acceptance, and the power of community in the face of disaster. Fang has just figured out what they want to do with their life, and now they've got to find out how to deal with the end of the world, be there for their loved ones, and follow through on their musical dreams before it's too late.

Is Fang nonbinary?

Yes! Fang is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns.

What type of game is Goodbye Volcano High?

Goodbye Volcano High is a cinematic visual novel. Players will have conversations, make choices through dialogue, and guide our main character Fang through a story about love, friendship, and change.

Is Goodbye Volcano High made in 3D or 2D?

It's a 2D game! All the character art and backgrounds are drawn and animated in 2D. We use a bunch of tools but our most common ones are: Unity, Spine2D, Ink, and Photoshop.

Is it coming to Switch or Xbox?

While we would love to bring the game to more platforms in the future, we have no plans to at the moment.

What is the game's rating?

Our rating from ESRB is T for language, alcohol, and smoking.

Are there other queer characters in Goodbye Volcano High besides Fang?

Yes! Most of the characters in Goodbye Volcano High would identify as queer.

Is the representation in the game reflected in the make-up of your team?

Yes! KO_OP is made up of people with a variety of gender identities and backgrounds, including nonbinary and queer identities.

We aim to create a game that speaks to a diverse audience and we are taking great care and doing the work to be mindful of all identities, sensitivities, and concerns. We are drawing specifically from the identities of those on our team. The representation, responsibility, and love that a game like this requires has always been of the utmost importance to us. We hope that you will see that we are telling our story in a safe and considerate way.

Is there Goodbye Volcano High merch?

Yes! Goodbye Volcano High merch is available exclusively through the Yetee. theyetee.com/collections/gvh

Is the meteor real or a metaphor?

It is indeed a real meteor and not just a metaphor. The "impending meteor" plot in Goodbye Volcano High mirrors the mass extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs. Sorry!

Is this a visual novel?

Yes! But it's also a hybrid cinematic narrative rhythm game, and borrows elements from several genres. At its core, it's a narrative game that's lovingly animated and filled with unique interactions.

Is this a dating sim?

Goodbye Volcano High is not a dating sim. While there are opportunities in the game to get closer to specific characters, it's not the goal of the story.

What's the gameplay?

The gameplay for Goodbye Volcano High revolves around dialog choices from Fang's perspective, where you make choices guiding Fang's responses to the world around them. You'll also be performing their band Worm Drama's music through rythmn gameplay.

Are there non-English language versions of the game?

The game only has English audio but it will be available with subtitle and interface translations for: French, Italian, German, Spanish (Spain), Japanese, and Russian.

Is the game Steam Deck compatible?

While GVH is not verified on the Steam Deck, we can confirm that we've tested it on the Steam Deck and it works, so go for it!

Is Fang's deadname used anywhere in the game? (SPOILERS)

Fang is deadnamed by their mother in 2 scenes. The first instance is delivered via Naser quoting their mother as well as in a post-it note their mother leaves, and the later instance is directly from their mother on a phone call.

Will characters be transphobic or homophobic in this game towards the queer characters? (SPOILERS)

Fang is deadnamed and misgendered briefly by their mother. Fang also discusses transphobia and their family's reaction to transitioning with other transgender characters.

Why have transphobia in this game at all?

It was important for us to accurately reflect the struggles queer people with unaccepting families face in the real world. Misgendering and deadnaming are an unfortunate reality for too many trans and nonbinary teens, and the game tries to portray that with sensitivity and care.

And while the game does include misgendering and deadnaming, it contains no transphobic confrontations or violence; we wanted to create a serious and contemplative story that LGBTQ players could safely enjoy.

What are the content warnings for this game? (SPOILERS)

Goodbye Volcano High contains usage of tobacco and alcohol, apocalyptic themes, messages from an anonymous admirer, misgendering and deadnaming, discussion of transphobia, and mention and allusion to character deaths

Does Goodbye Volcano High have multiple endings? (SPOILERS)

There are multiple "paths" within the game depending on which characters the player grows closer to, but there is only one ending.